Haylee G - Devils in skirts


Haylee G - Devils in skirts is a Scottish alternative Hip-Hop band based in Edinburgh. At the moment we're playing as many gigs as we can to promote our debut album release on the 9th May 2016 (available on Bandcamp).

Haylee G also does solo sets and rap battles in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, just recently winning the wild card in the finals for Breaking the Barrier.

Haylee G - Lead vocals, songwriter
Ruari - Bass, backing vocals
Katy - Guitar
Iain - Drums


Haylee G – Devils in Skirts

Haylee G – Devils in Skirts began life once upon a Pride when a younger Haylee G stumbled across an old school Scottish Hip Hop Head on her way to the festivities, and discovered rap in a Scottish instead of faux London or American accent. A friendship was soon established between the two and Haylee began working on a song with him (this song became Get Outta Here), while encouraging her to pack more syllables into a bar and to rap with her Scottish accent.

Armed with this, she and her friend, Jamie, formed a duet called Hayz N Jayz. Jamie's strength was in melody, which added another dimension to Haylee's songwriting. With a few songs under their belt, they performed together during Edinburgh Pride 2014 and a Battle of the Bands for Isle of Wight Festival (joined by a trans guitarist).

Haylee had a personal interest in rap battling. She'd been writing battle bars after watching Don't Flop, and attempted to enter, but didn't realise there was a whole underground community at the time. She was asked through a producer's friend if she could battle someone who was known for his cheeky banter.

The Battle of the Bands was an important moment for the band, as they came third (only a few votes from second place), and much of the audience commented to them that they were surprised they hadn't rehearsed much for it. Filled with confidence, Hayz N Jayz continued gigging, most notably for Fashion Loves Music.

When Haylee became unemployed, she decided to put all of her efforts into taking music seriously, but it wasn't to be with Hayz N Jayz. Jamie and the guitarist left the band to focus on other things. Through a friend, Haylee met Harry Mulligan, a music journalist and drummer, who had expressed an interest in working with her after watching her perform. The line up was completed when Ruari Forrest and Nathan Whyte joined the band, and Devils in Skirts was born.

Devils in Skirts took Haylee's hip hop songs and turned them into rap rock, reggae and funk, and began gigging around Edinburgh and Glasgow, highlights being XFM Live Wednesdays for Jim Gellaty at Hard Rock Café Glasgow and Creation Sessions Presents... at Electric Circus Edinburgh.

This was also a big year for Haylee as she was finally entered into a few rap battles, events that she'd wanted to do for a while. Thanks to Werd, a pillar of the Scottish rap community, and other artists’ support, Haylee got into the Bristo Battles (but lost), and Breaking the Barrier through Cain (winning the Wildcard). Werd has also given Haylee G and the Devils slots in The Hip Hop House, a night he hosts for upcoming talent in Edinburgh at Sketchy Beats Café. An underground label discovered Haylee through an event, and couldn't believe she wasn't signed, so offered to produce some tracks in the hopes she’ll sign with them one day. Haylee however left them behind when their politics became clear. (Haylee semi-retired from rap-battling in August 2016 while she learns guitar, works on her new album -FORTDIS 2017 - and gigs with Devils in Skirts) A bold move, earning scorn from some of her ex followers, but a move that she does not regret.

Nathan soon left to pursue college and Harry took time out to concentrate on his journalism and family, so Haylee found Katy Woodrow (guitar) and Iain Campbell (drums) to fill the empty space. So far this year, the band have played at a few festivals, hosted a charity event for Macmillan and performed at several underground venues across Edinburgh, while also recording and releasing a two part mixtape (Parallel Universe) independently, unveiling a new website (www.hayleegdevilsinskirts.co.uk), and recording/mixing and releasing A Miss, our Christmas themed track for the new album (FORTDIS, 2017).

After sneaking around for "extra curricular activities", Haylee G and Katy made their relationship official in June 2016, combining their love of music, the band and each other. This has only made their chemistry on stage that much more genuine.

"A band needs to practice, in our opinion, at least 5 times a week if the band ever expects to accomplish anything." - Kurt Cobain


XFM live Wednesdays for Jim Gellaty at Hard rock Glasgow

Third in battle of the bands at walkabout Glasgow Isle of Wight competition 9/5/2014

Your New Favourite Band heat at Henry`s Cellar Edinburgh

Been played on Amazing Radio

The Wild Card for Breaking the Barrier Final in Glasgow


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Devils in skirts Tour





11/2/17 The Wolf Sessions, The Pond, Edinburgh (Band)

11/2/17 Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

3/2/17 The Hip Hop House, Edinburgh (Band)

6/1/17 The Hip Hop House, Edinburgh (Band)

17/12/16 Leith Depot, Edinburgh (Band)

16/12/16 Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh (Band)

9/12/16 The Hip Hop House (1st Birthday Party), Edinburgh (Band)

25/11/16 Saltire Festival, Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh (Band)

18/11/16 The Hip Hop House, Edinburgh (Band)

21/10/16 The Pond, Edinburgh (Band)

15/10/16 Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh (Band)

14/10/16 The Wolf Sessions, The Pond, Edinburgh (Band)

17/9/16 Tinky Disco Album Launch Party, Studio 24, Edinburgh (Band)

26/8/16 Sketchy Beats Cafe, Edinburgh, (Band)

13/8/16 Kelvin Grove, Glasgow (Rap Battle)

31/7/16 Lewisvale Park, Musselburgh (Band)

22/7/16 Audiosoup, Cranshaws (Solo and Band)

20/7/16 Sketchy Beats Cafe, Edinburgh (Band)

16/7/16 Sketchy Beats Cafe, Edinburgh (Band)

8/7/16 The Hip Hop House, Edinburgh (Band)

18/6/16-19/6/16 Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh (Band)

18/6/16 The Cowshed, Edinburgh (Band)

18/6/16 St Andrew's Square, Edinburgh (Band)

4/6/16 The Red Sessions, the Blind Poet, Edinburgh (Band)

3/6/16 The Hip Hope House, Sketchy Beats Cafe, Edinburgh (Band)

27/5/16 Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh (Band)

13/5/16 The Wolf Session, Pond Leith, Edinburgh (Band)

6/5/16 The Hip Hop House, Edinburgh (Band)

1/5/16 Sketchy Beats, Edinburgh (Band)

25/4/16 Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh (Haylee G Solo)

23/4/16 John Muir Festival, Foxlake Adventures, Dunbar (Band)

20/4/16 Hempstock, Glasgow Green, Glasgow (Band)

8/4/16 Macmillan Music Battle Event, Leith Depot, Edinburgh (Band)

18/3/16 The Hip Hop House, Edinburgh (Haylee G Solo)




A Miss - Haylee G - Devils in Skirts.jpg

New Album - FORTDIS |(Spring 2017)

by Haylee G - Devils in Skirts

The Upcoming album, due for release in Spring 2017.

  • 4:23
    Haylee G/Devils in Skirts
devils tracklist.png

Parallel Universe

by Haylee G - Devils in Skirts

The debut 2 CD mixtape of Haylee G Devils in Skirts. 

Side A: Haylee G/Side B: Devils in Skirts