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Haylee G - Devils in skirts


Haylee G - Devils in skirts is a Scottish female fronted rap-rock band based in Edinburgh!

Haylee G - Lead vocals, songwriter
Diamond B - Vocals, rapper
Katy - Guitar



"A band needs to practice, in our opinion, at least 5 times a week if the band ever expects to accomplish anything." - Kurt Cobain


Played to 15000+ people at anti-Trump protest Carnival of Resistance

Scouted for X Factor (LOL)

Played in cities and festivals across the UK (from London to Lindisfarne…)

Represented Heart of Midlothian FC in a Hearts Vs Hibs rap battle (and won…)

XFM live Wednesdays for Jim Gellaty at Hard rock Glasgow

Third in battle of the bands at walkabout Glasgow Isle of Wight competition 9/5/2014

Your New Favourite Band heat at Henry`s Cellar Edinburgh

Been played on Amazing Radio

The Wild Card for Breaking the Barrier Final in Glasgow






Devils in skirts Tour





16/11/18 Hip Hop House, Edinburgh

10/11/18 EBB, Henry’s Cellar Bar

3/11/18 Hearts V Hibs rap battle, Musselburgh Sports Centre

12/10/18 Pond Life, The Pond, Edinburgh

28/7/18 West Lothian Pride, Livingston

14/7/18 Carnival of Resistance (anti-Trump protest), Edinburgh

23/6/18 The Wee Solar Fest, Isle of Arran

7/6/18 Safer By Sound, Leith Depot, Edinburgh

2/6/18 KROW, The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh

25/7/17 Bannermans, Edinburgh

20/7/17 Pivo, Edinburgh

11/7/17 Bannermans, Edinburgh

9/7/17 Bier Hoose, Edinburgh

6/7/17 Box, Glasgow

1/7/17 Fife Pride, Kirkcaldy

27/6/17 Bannermans, Edinburgh

24/6/17 Haddstock, Haddington

22/6/17 Pivo, Edinburgh

11/6/17 Bier Hoose, Edinburgh

7/6/17 Bier Hoose, Edinburgh

6/6/17 Bannermans, Edinburgh

5/6/17 SECRET GIG, Edinburgh

1/6/17 Jinglin' Geordie, Edinburgh

27/5/17 Musselburgh

21/5/17 Bier Hoose, Edinburgh

20/5/17 Punky Reggae Bloc Party, Isle of Arran

16/5/17 Bannermans, Edinburgh

10/5/17 Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London

5/5/17 Sketchy Beats Café, Edinburgh

4/5/17 Jinglin' Geordie, Edinburgh

23/4/17 Bier Hoose, Edinburgh

18/4/17 Bannermans, Edinburgh

6/4/17 Pivo, Edinburgh

30/3/17 Pivo, Edinburgh

26/3/17 Bier Hoose, Edinburgh

21/3/17 Bannermans, Edinburgh

10/3/17 Macmillan Fundraiser, Leith Depot, Edinburgh

7/3/17 Purple Orange Arts Centre, Bathgate

3/3/17 Sketchy Beats Café, Edinburgh

2/3/17 Pivo, Edinburgh

26/2/17 Leith Beer Co., Edinburgh

11/2/17 The Wolf Sessions, The Pond, Edinburgh (Band)

11/2/17 Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

3/2/17 The Hip Hop House, Edinburgh (Band)

6/1/17 The Hip Hop House, Edinburgh (Band)

17/12/16 Leith Depot, Edinburgh (Band)

16/12/16 Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh (Band)

9/12/16 The Hip Hop House (1st Birthday Party), Edinburgh (Band)

25/11/16 Saltire Festival, Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh (Band)

18/11/16 The Hip Hop House, Edinburgh (Band)

21/10/16 The Pond, Edinburgh (Band)

15/10/16 Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh (Band)

14/10/16 The Wolf Sessions, The Pond, Edinburgh (Band)

17/9/16 Tinky Disco Album Launch Party, Studio 24, Edinburgh (Band)

26/8/16 Sketchy Beats Cafe, Edinburgh, (Band)

13/8/16 Kelvin Grove, Glasgow (Rap Battle)

31/7/16 Lewisvale Park, Musselburgh (Band)

22/7/16 Audiosoup, Cranshaws (Solo and Band)

20/7/16 Sketchy Beats Cafe, Edinburgh (Band)

16/7/16 Sketchy Beats Cafe, Edinburgh (Band)

8/7/16 The Hip Hop House, Edinburgh (Band)

18/6/16-19/6/16 Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh (Band)

18/6/16 The Cowshed, Edinburgh (Band)

18/6/16 St Andrew's Square, Edinburgh (Band)

4/6/16 The Red Sessions, the Blind Poet, Edinburgh (Band)

3/6/16 The Hip Hope House, Sketchy Beats Cafe, Edinburgh (Band)

27/5/16 Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh (Band)

13/5/16 The Wolf Session, Pond Leith, Edinburgh (Band)

6/5/16 The Hip Hop House, Edinburgh (Band)

1/5/16 Sketchy Beats, Edinburgh (Band)

25/4/16 Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh (Haylee G Solo)

23/4/16 John Muir Festival, Foxlake Adventures, Dunbar (Band)

20/4/16 Hempstock, Glasgow Green, Glasgow (Band)

8/4/16 Macmillan Music Battle Event, Leith Depot, Edinburgh (Band)

18/3/16 The Hip Hop House, Edinburgh (Haylee G Solo)