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Haylee G - Devils in skirts


Haylee G - Devils in skirts is a Scottish alternative Hip-Hop band based in Edinburgh. At the moment we're playing as many gigs as we can to promote our debut album release on the 9th May 2016 (available on Bandcamp).

Haylee G also does solo sets and rap battles in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, just recently winning the wild card in the finals for Breaking the Barrier.

Haylee G - Lead vocals, songwriter
Ruari - Bass, backing vocals
Katy - Guitar
Iain - Drums

Kaily - Backing vocals, violin



"A band needs to practice, in our opinion, at least 5 times a week if the band ever expects to accomplish anything." - Kurt Cobain


XFM live Wednesdays for Jim Gellaty at Hard rock Glasgow

Third in battle of the bands at walkabout Glasgow Isle of Wight competition 9/5/2014

Your New Favourite Band heat at Henry`s Cellar Edinburgh

Been played on Amazing Radio

The Wild Card for Breaking the Barrier Final in Glasgow


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Devils in skirts Tour





25/7/17 Bannermans, Edinburgh

20/7/17 Pivo, Edinburgh

11/7/17 Bannermans, Edinburgh

9/7/17 Bier Hoose, Edinburgh

6/7/17 Box, Glasgow

1/7/17 Fife Pride, Kirkcaldy

27/6/17 Bannermans, Edinburgh

24/6/17 Haddstock, Haddington

22/6/17 Pivo, Edinburgh

11/6/17 Bier Hoose, Edinburgh

7/6/17 Bier Hoose, Edinburgh

6/6/17 Bannermans, Edinburgh

5/6/17 SECRET GIG, Edinburgh

1/6/17 Jinglin' Geordie, Edinburgh

27/5/17 Musselburgh

21/5/17 Bier Hoose, Edinburgh

20/5/17 Punky Reggae Bloc Party, Isle of Arran

16/5/17 Bannermans, Edinburgh

10/5/17 Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London

5/5/17 Sketchy Beats Café, Edinburgh

4/5/17 Jinglin' Geordie, Edinburgh

23/4/17 Bier Hoose, Edinburgh

18/4/17 Bannermans, Edinburgh

6/4/17 Pivo, Edinburgh

30/3/17 Pivo, Edinburgh

26/3/17 Bier Hoose, Edinburgh

21/3/17 Bannermans, Edinburgh

10/3/17 Macmillan Fundraiser, Leith Depot, Edinburgh

7/3/17 Purple Orange Arts Centre, Bathgate

3/3/17 Sketchy Beats Café, Edinburgh

2/3/17 Pivo, Edinburgh

26/2/17 Leith Beer Co., Edinburgh

11/2/17 The Wolf Sessions, The Pond, Edinburgh (Band)

11/2/17 Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

3/2/17 The Hip Hop House, Edinburgh (Band)

6/1/17 The Hip Hop House, Edinburgh (Band)

17/12/16 Leith Depot, Edinburgh (Band)

16/12/16 Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh (Band)

9/12/16 The Hip Hop House (1st Birthday Party), Edinburgh (Band)

25/11/16 Saltire Festival, Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh (Band)

18/11/16 The Hip Hop House, Edinburgh (Band)

21/10/16 The Pond, Edinburgh (Band)

15/10/16 Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh (Band)

14/10/16 The Wolf Sessions, The Pond, Edinburgh (Band)

17/9/16 Tinky Disco Album Launch Party, Studio 24, Edinburgh (Band)

26/8/16 Sketchy Beats Cafe, Edinburgh, (Band)

13/8/16 Kelvin Grove, Glasgow (Rap Battle)

31/7/16 Lewisvale Park, Musselburgh (Band)

22/7/16 Audiosoup, Cranshaws (Solo and Band)

20/7/16 Sketchy Beats Cafe, Edinburgh (Band)

16/7/16 Sketchy Beats Cafe, Edinburgh (Band)

8/7/16 The Hip Hop House, Edinburgh (Band)

18/6/16-19/6/16 Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh (Band)

18/6/16 The Cowshed, Edinburgh (Band)

18/6/16 St Andrew's Square, Edinburgh (Band)

4/6/16 The Red Sessions, the Blind Poet, Edinburgh (Band)

3/6/16 The Hip Hope House, Sketchy Beats Cafe, Edinburgh (Band)

27/5/16 Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh (Band)

13/5/16 The Wolf Session, Pond Leith, Edinburgh (Band)

6/5/16 The Hip Hop House, Edinburgh (Band)

1/5/16 Sketchy Beats, Edinburgh (Band)

25/4/16 Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh (Haylee G Solo)

23/4/16 John Muir Festival, Foxlake Adventures, Dunbar (Band)

20/4/16 Hempstock, Glasgow Green, Glasgow (Band)

8/4/16 Macmillan Music Battle Event, Leith Depot, Edinburgh (Band)

18/3/16 The Hip Hop House, Edinburgh (Haylee G Solo)




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New Album - FORTDIS |/Dykes Road (2017)

by Haylee G - Devils in Skirts

The Upcoming album, due for release in Spring 2017.

  • 4:23
    Haylee G/Devils in Skirts