18/6/16 St Andrew's Square, The Cowshed AND Henry's Cellar Bar...phew


You know what we said to ourselves when we had the opportunity to do three gigs in one day? I can give you a direct quote straight from Haylee G herself:

"Fuck it, let's do it!"

And we didn't just do it, ladies and gentlemen, oh no. We fucked smashed it. Every hurdle (including crippling hayfever) was overcome and with every performance our confidence (and level of inebriation) increased until our final set at Henry's Cellar with our good friends Clare and Joss of Twisted Fox.

Firstly, all of us (except for Ruari) were a little bit intoxicated on entering Henry's Cellar (not an easy task with those stairs), which is always a sign that we're ready to go. Who's that on the sound desk? It's the very same Jonee Duggan who produced Parallel Universe! So you can imagine our elation when we stepped on stage and FINALLY the sound guy can keep up with us. Jonee, we missed you! Just as we're about to step off stage, we pause for a moment and listen: Is...is that an encore? Quick! Play Sweet Dreams. Is that...no...it can't be...A SECOND ENCORE?! Well, Henry's, you asked for it... We got Big Balls and they're than yous. Larger than most of the guys we ever knew...

In other news, we have some big things planned, some tunes being jammed, setups being finalised, so keep an eye on our Facebook page and of course the website to be kept up to date with all the excited things that we Devils get up to behind the scenes.


- Haylee G and the Devils in Skirts xxx