13/5/16 - The Pond

Ho-ly shit, guys. That was one hell of a gig. It was last minute, so I hope you all made it! If you didn't, we're definitely going back there again! Free drinks for the band? Get in! 

We played the entire Devils side of the album (excluding Shake That. Maybe next time!), and the response was amazing. We sold out of our albums for the night! If you missed out, make sure you email/Facebook us or just get to us earlier! 

We've also been invited to play another two gigs, more details of that to come soon, and I think we have some new fanboys/girls! We need to find a name for you guys. The Devils? (Horns not included)

A huge thank you to everyone at The Pond. We had a great night and we can't wait to come back!

- Haylee G and the Devils in Skirts xxx