Parallel Universe - OUT NOW

Well, guys, the big day is finally here. The mixtape just dropped! Just direct your mouse pointer in this direction...  for a truly life-changing experience.

Okay, well, it changed our lives.

A little. 


The past few weeks of recording and getting two new members of the band up to speed have been exhausting and full of blood, sweat and tears (not to mention calluses), but now that the album is finally released, we're all breathing a sigh of relief. I say that, but we all know that we can't stay away from the bright lights of the stage. 

Keep a close eye on our website and Facebook for upcoming dates. There will be many. We're addicts. We only played on Friday night and we're already suffering withdrawal. Look at me, my hands are shaking!


A huge thank you to Jonathan Duggan, Tru Factz and David Whitmey for their support, advice and production!

- Haylee G and the Devils in Skirts xxx