6/5/16 - The Hip Hop House

After a long, busy couple weeks of recording, we're finally done and it's in the hands of our excellent sound engineer, Jonathan Duggan. So naturally, we decided to let loose a little bit and enjoy ourselves. As always, the atmosphere at the Hip Hop House was amazing, the other acts were incredible, and we fucking rocked it. We played nearly all the songs from the Devils side of the soon-to-be-released mixtape and Haylee G performed a few from her solo side (including the crowd favourites: Big Balls and Doorstep).

The rest of the night was filled with the usual debauchery when the Devils are out on the toon and supplied with copious amounts of Buckfast and less than legal substances. We may not have a record deal yet, but we've got the rockstar lifestyle perfected.

Thanks to Sketchy Beats Cafe for having us, our friends for supporting us, and Buckfast for intoxicating us.

- Haylee G and the Devils in Skirts xxx